Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I made a SALE!!

Woo hoo!! I am so excited! Thank you, thank you, whoever you are!! LOL I am so thrilled, I'm gonna share another freebie with you, how is that?! So EVERYONE wins!!

This game is another "I have, who has" game, but this one reviews words containing the vowel dipthongs ou and ow, and the vowel diagraph oo. These are sounds that my students struggle with, so you may need something to review this, too!

Again, if any of you veteran bloggers and game-makers would like to show me how to show a picture of my game on my blog, I would be so appreciative!! :)

Here is the link to get the game! If you like it, please rate my store or add me as a favorite and REALLY make my day!!

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!! We've got this week!!!


  1. I can understand how excited you are!! I recently started making items to sale on TpT and I have sold a couple of things. Every time I sale something I start clapping and saying WooHoo!! My family thinks I am nuts!! I am now a follower of your blog! Come on over and check out my blog and become a follower!


    1. Thanks, Teresa!! :) Glad you're making some sales, too!