Monday, March 5, 2012

Antonym game!!

Hi, ya'll! I thought I'd share my latest game while I am enjoying my oh-so-delicious meal of a Lean Cuisine! Hey, they aren't my fave, but I've lost 2 lbs. since the beginning of Lent, so I'll definitely take it! :)

My students have recently been struggling with the concept of 'words that mean the same' and 'words that mean the opposite', so I made this game up in hopes of helping them out some. Hopefully, you can make use of it too! I have the price of $1 on it, and I think that a better vocabulary for our students is worth that, don't you?! Of COURSE you do!! ;) Click here to check it out!

I'm so proud of my niece and her basketball team...they are headed this week to the semi-finals, and hopefully the finals, of the state basketball playoffs!! My only wish is that I could afford to go see her play! But Virginia is a very WIDE state, and Richmond is too far away to make a day trip out of it with a toddler. Yes, we could go further in debt and go, but given the current state of the economy, that isn't really reasonable, either. So if someone has a great desire to sponsor my family in a trip to Richmond next weekend, by all means, let me know! LOL

Have a GREAT week, ya'll!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Couple of things!

First, it came to my attention that it is in the fine print of Pinterest that one must have the permission of the blog owner to pin things from him/her site. I hadn't known about this, but you can go here to Laura Candler's blog to read more about it!
I have put up a graphic on my blog that gives you blanket permission to pin anything I post here! Also, if anyone wishes to help me better 'show off' my creations, I'd be very obliged!

I made what I think is a fun game using Dolch phrases. The idea behind Dolch phrases is to encourage children to begin to read more than one word at a type and develop fluency. I have made a game using the first 48 Dolch phrases called "Roll a Phrase". This is not my original idea; a colleage had a similar game in her classroom. The group of students is given a page of Dolch phrases and a dice. Each student rolls the dice and then reads the phrase listed next to the number he/she rolled on the dice. When each student has read each phrase, they can move on to another page! I am charging $2 for this game, but I think it is worth it!! Come check it out here!

Of course, these phrases can be used in many other different ways, and I'd love to hear more about how you use them, if you so choose! Please visit often as I am going to try to make games containing the other phrases as well!

Again, thank you for stopping by! I LOVE comments!! :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

"How'd You Meet Your Hunny?" linky party!

Oh, how I love me a linky party!! And with this fairly new-ish blog on the block, it is always a good way to get new people to come check you out! AND I get to talk about my best buddy and husband?! Even better!!

I actually met my husband for the first time when he was 5 and I was 4, because my mom was his Kindergarten teacher!! But I don't really remember him from then. I do remember another little boy from his class that I had a crush on, one that hubby actually got paddled by my mom for hitting up the side of the head with a metal cash register! *hee hee*

I remember him a few years later as there was a puppet show at my mom's school the day I happened to get to go to work with her (which usually only happened when my school--in another state--had a day off, and hers didn't). There was one actor controlling a puppet that acted super silly, and I remember Mom being surprised that Chris was the one manning the puppet!

Fast forward many years later, and I was selling Mary Kay. I did a couple of 'parties' for members of Chris' family, including his first cousin, who was a good friend. She and her aunt, who I had worked with as a substitute teacher (in the same school where mom had taught Chris, incidentally) a couple of years before, started talking about how they needed to fix me up with him next time he was in town. "Oh, you'd be perfect for each other!" they declared! I agreed half-heartedly, but I was seeing a fella from out of town at the time and didn't pay too much attention to them.

A few months passed, and Chris' cousin called me to tell me he was going to be in town at a family picnic, and wouldn't I come by?? I planned on it, but it so happened that THAT was the day I moved from my super-cute garage apartment to my parents' newly purchased 70s styled palace, where I was to live and pay them rent until they moved back to town--win/win situation in their eyes, but I HATED leaving my apartment! I was depressed and didn't want to go anywhere. "You can wear my wife's clothes!" and "You can shower at our house!" were the cries my brothers-in-law declared, for they weren't too fond of the fella from out of town that I was dating. I still wouldn't agree, so we didn't meet that night. His cousin did, however, give him my phone number.

In the meantime, guy from out of town and I decided to go our separate ways. Chris called, and we talked on the phone about 4 hours the first time we talked!! We set up a date for the following weekend. The night of the first date, we went out to eat at Applebee's, and while looking at him across the table, a voice in my head said,"You're going to marry this man!" I scoffed at the thought, since I had just gotten out of relationship and wasn't looking for another one. By the end of the second date, I came home and told my cat, Francie,"We're gonna marry him!"

The rest is pretty much history! We were engaged about 2 months after we met and married 9 months and one day after we were engaged! 13 years and 3 children later, we're still going strong!! I can't imagine my life without him, and am so blessed to have found a Godly man with which to partner and parent! I'm very glad that I listened to GOD on that first date when He told me that I was going to marry him! <3

Here we are this past summer!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I made a SALE!!

Woo hoo!! I am so excited! Thank you, thank you, whoever you are!! LOL I am so thrilled, I'm gonna share another freebie with you, how is that?! So EVERYONE wins!!

This game is another "I have, who has" game, but this one reviews words containing the vowel dipthongs ou and ow, and the vowel diagraph oo. These are sounds that my students struggle with, so you may need something to review this, too!

Again, if any of you veteran bloggers and game-makers would like to show me how to show a picture of my game on my blog, I would be so appreciative!! :)

Here is the link to get the game! If you like it, please rate my store or add me as a favorite and REALLY make my day!!

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!! We've got this week!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reformatted and errors removed!

I found some mistakes in my lastest creation today, so I decided to re-do it, and to also make it into a PDF to make it easier for everyone to download. C'mon, ya'll, make this teacher so happy by purchasing this game!

Happy Valentine's Day! I LOVE my readers and followers!! :) I hope to make it worth your while!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Abbreviation game!

Ok, if someone can show me how to take a shot or something of what I'm offering for sale, I'd really appreciate it!! LOL

This is an "I have, who has...." game to review abbreviations!

I am actually 'charging' for this one, but it is only 25 cents! :) We'll see if anyone thinks it is actually worth it!! (I hope so!)

Thanks for following along with me on this new adventure!!

A new game--and its a freebie!!

If you will click here, you can go see it! I'm not so good at showing shots of things and such yet...but check it out!! :)
It is a game to match abbreviations with the word they stand for. One of the second grade teachers at one of the schools where I am a Reading Specialist told me that they are going to be learning these next week, so that was my motivation to help out.

I'm so proud of myself for figuring out how to do it! Next up: an "I Have, Who Has" game of abbreviations! So stay tuned!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What I love linky

What a fun linky! Of course, WHO I love has to be mentioned....

My handsome and sweet hubby...he is a black belt in Taekwondo and I am so proud of him!

My fun-loving and super-smart 8 year old Adam...

My baby boy, Robbie, whom God knew we needed, and has brought such joy to our lives....

and who could forget Isaac, who made me a mommy almost 11 years ago! He is such a helpful and kind boy, and is growing up much too quickly for his Mama!

Now for the fun part--answering the questions put forth by Kimberly! I would have gladly used the cool graphic she created but I'm not that nifty yet with I'll just answer the questions on my own!! :)

What do you love??

I love to watch movies hubby and boys! But I do have to admit that it was quite nice to watch one the other night, just hubby and I!!

I love to read books (place)...laying on the couch

I love to shop for....
clothes, or pretty much anything when I have money to do so! LOL

I love to collect...hmmm, I don't really collect anything anymore. I used to collect pigs and Precious Moments figurines. With three sons, I collect laundry!! LOL

I love to listen fave local band, Folk Soul Revival, and to 70s funk and early 90s Hip Hop!

I love to eat...Italian food!

I love to talk about...
pretty much anything!

I love to make...hmmm, I'm not so crafty, but sometimes I like to make desserts. I love to make new friends, does that count?!

I love to travel to...anywhere with my family! Lake Junaluska, NC is one of my favorite places to visit. We gather there with my side of the family for our church's annual conference there each year, and it is a favorite time to visit and catch up! Even though we all live in the same town, we just don't take the time to sit down and visit like we wish we did!

I love to teach....reading! And I have my dream job as a Reading Specialist!! I am so very blessed!!