Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's a Post It Party!!

Rebecca over at Create Teach Share is having a celebration!! She just reached 300 followers and is celebrating by sharing ideas and by having a giveaway! Be sure to head over there and share ways YOU use post it notes in your classroom and enter the giveaway!

One way I use post it notes in my classroom is to do marginalia when a student is reading a story. He or she can use the note to write down a word they don't know, an impression they wish to remember, or a question they would like to remember to ask later. Then the post it notes can be labeled with the page number and placed chronologically on plain white paper to 'jog' the memory of the reader, and can also be used to review the text as needed.

I look forward to reading more about ways others use post-it notes in their classrooms, and would love to see YOUR post as well!


  1. Awesome thought...I can't wait to use this strategy!

  2. So glad you joined my linky party! I'm a new follower!